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All about the love...

So I’m going to level with you guys. In 2018 the shop was going great guns. The weddings were incredible and as a business it was so lovely to finally, after all the slog of the previous 5 years, feel established and confident in what I was doing as a women in business.

However, my personal life actually took a huge battering, a relationship breakdown, poor health and complete lack of self care left me feeling utterly broken and vulnerable on every level. I had completely lost myself and I often found it very difficult to even leave the house, let alone go to work and plan other peoples most memorable life events.

If I had been employed by someone it is safe to say I would certainly have been on the sick, off unwell for the majority of the year. BUT… I couldn’t. I had a business to run and people who had become very important to me (my clients/friends) who I could not let down. I honestly believe not having the option of giving up and throwing in the towel is one of the reasons I am now stronger than ever. I LOVE my work and everything I have achieved is so important to me, I was not going to fold so easily and walk away from my baby!

It was during the toughest months of my life I was blessed with so much love and support from those around me. My lovely shop neighbor and friend Rachel Burgess for checking in on me if I was late in to work. My best-est of friends in particular was a complete pillar of strength to me and her unwavering support during this time is not something I will ever forget. Even at 9 months pregnant there she was popping in for coffee (keeping Greggs in business!!)checking on me, helping out on weddings and generally keeping my spirits up. I owe her a debt I doubt Ill ever be able to repay. Shes taught me the true meaning of friendship, through thick and thin shes there:My D. My siblings taking me for breakfast, sharing laughs together with my niece and nephew and even an enforced holiday to Dubai from my older brother, making memories I will treasure forever. My loving parents who were always on hand to sweep up the mess I’d made after a huge event when I didn’t have the energy to put the shop back together but had to complete the work. After all there were still bills to be paid.

Now I know I’ve harped on a bit about my own struggles this last year and I’m sure you get the jist but this leads me to the whole point of this blog post….LOVE. It dawned on me this year that in my job everything I do comes from a place of love and I literally mean everything. Weddings funerals baby showers new homes get well soon gifts, these are all sent and arranged because of the love people share between one another.

The world is such a tough place to exist its often these very small gestures that make peoples days that bit easier and once I realised that I immediately felt lighter. I am utterly blessed to be able to do what I do, not just because I love the job but I honestly feel in a small way I can make someones day that little bit brighter better, feel special and feel a little loved. I know for me it was the smallest of things that helped me through my tough time and I like to think I do, in some ways help others through theirs from time to time.

There’s that age old saying “It takes a village…” I can honestly say I felt that. My little one man band weathered the toughest of storms with the help of some incredible people that I’m lucky enough to call MY CIRCLE, and they did it all out of one thing.. LOVE.

My door is always open to those who want a chat, share the love folks ! You could change someones day more than you know.

Take care



Rachael Poole